Bosch Serie 2 135L Fridge – KTR15NWFAG

Bosch KTR15NWFAGSerie 2 135L Fridge

Green Point  135L Capacity Holds 7 bags of food shopping
Green Point  Auto Defrost

Green Point  Transparent Drawer is ideal for fruit and veg

Green Point  Reversible Doors

Green Point  Dimensions H:850mm x W:560mm x D:580mm

The Bosch Serie 2 KTR15NWFAG 135L Fridge will keep all of your favourite groceries fresher for longer.

It offers an impressive 135 litre capacity which means it is able to hold up to 7 bags of food shopping at one time. Condensation is drained through a small hole in the back of this appliance which means that ice is prevented from forming, this means you will never have to worry about manually defrosting your new appliance.

This model also comes with a handy MultiBox drawer, which features a special rippled base for storing fruit and veg. So if droplets of water gather at the bottom, your leafy greens will be slightly raised away from any harm.

Thanks to the clever reversible door, you can choose whether it opens from the left or right depending on the layout of your kitchen.

Cash Price: £337.67
Weekly payments starting from: £4.42

Weekly payments starting from: £4.42

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