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Home Monitoring Cocoon Security Camera

The Cocoon All-in-one home security system that lets you keep track of what is happening in your home when you are not there. Connect it to the app on your smartphone and you receive alerts when movement is detected. You can then choose to sound an alarm, call the police or maybe just call a neighbour for assistance.

Product available within 1 week.

Cash Price: £217.98
Weekly payments starting from: £4.83

Weekly payments starting from: £4.83

This security system uses Subsound technology which can pick up sounds that we cannot hear. It can pick them up across the home, not just in that room or on that floor. As a result you do not need to run wires all over the house – there are no wires, no sensors – no hassle!

The Cocoon learns and adapts to the movements and habits in your home as soon as you turn it on. It uses the information it learns to decide if there is something it needs to alert you of or if it is just the household pet coming back in.

The Cocoon also has Night Vision technology so even when it is dark you will be able to see what has been detected moving around your home.

Cocoon keeps your home protected and keeps you posted, around the clock every day. Your privacy matters just as much as your security. So, your data is processed on your Cocoon. If an alert is triggered or you check in, the data is encrypted and sent to our secure cloud. Your smartphone is the key, so only you can access your data. And that’s it, simple and safe.

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