Frequently Asked Questions

This Agreement was last modified on 10th August 2017

What is Hire Purchase Credit?

Hire Purchase Credit is whereby HomeSmile can provide the customer with a product which they will pay back at a weekly rate. The product will remain in ownership of HomeSmile until the end of the agreement and all payments have been made. At this point the customer then becomes the owner of that product.

Does HomeSmile operate nationwide?

Unfortunately no. We are a West Midlands based company and only operate in certain postcodes. You can see our coverage here which provides a list of all our current postcode that we currently cover.

Can I purchase the products via the website?

You can apply for the products you are interested in via our website by adding them to your basket and then filling in an application form. This then allows us to process your application knowing which products you are interested in. Before any products can be ordered we would have to conduct credit worthiness assessment which may include using credit reference agencies and a robust affordability assessment.

Do you offer a catalogue of all the products you have available?

Our catalogue is our online website. We ensure that our website is updated weekly, and we are continually adding to our product range. You will always receive the most up to date information from our website. If you are signed up to our newsletter you may also receive special offers and monthly reductions via email. You can sign up to our newsletter below.

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    How long can I pay my agreement over?

    At HomeSmile we will always cater for all budgets, and as such we offer our products over the following loan terms: 52 weeks, 76 weeks, 102 weeks and 147 weeks. This means that no products ever ordered from HomeSmile will be payable longer than 3 years.

    How can I make repayments?

    We offer various repayment options for our customers to suit all different circumstances. You can pay either by cash to your local agent, by your debit card (CPA), or by standing order. The choice is always with the customer.

    What is Retracare?

    Retracare is an additional warranty that can be purchased on a cash loan agreement to run alongside your product. Retracare warranty ensures that your product is protected against faults after the manufacturers warranty has expired. If a customer chooses to take out Retracare, they will be sent a warranty pack from Retracare which will give them all the information they will need should they ever experience any problems with their product. Retracare is only available on certain white goods products. You will see the additional Retracare information on all products it is available on, on our website.

    When do I start repayments on my product?

    Your repayments will begin 7 days after the agreement is executed via the repayment method you have chosen.

    Can I apply for another product, or order more than 1 product at once?

    Yes is it possible to apply for another product, or to order more than 1 product at once. However, as part of our responsible lending policy we will only ever do this if the customer has passed our credit worthiness test and can reasonably afford the repayments. The application of another product is only available after 10 weeks of your last product.

    Are there any hidden charges?

    No, at HomeSmile we pride ourselves on being fully transparent. All delivery and installation fees are included in the prices shown on our website, and we do not charge any late payment or administration fees.

    How long will be item take be to delivered / fitted?

    We have a complete section on our website dedicated to providing all our delivery and fitting information which you can find here

    Can I still apply if I’m unemployed, a tenant, or on benefits?

    We consider all applications, and try to help people in different situations who can show that they are in the position to be able to meet repayments.

    What happens if my circumstances change?

    At HomeSmile, we offer a friendly and sympathetic service if you have a change in your circumstances. We have experienced managers who are there to give you free help and advice on your budget without prejudice.

    What happens if I want to pay a lump sum off my agreement?

    If you wish to pay a lump sum off your loan you can do this by speaking to your local agent, this is called a partial settlement. A partial settlement can be seen as anything more than your weekly repayment value. If you decide to go ahead with a partial settlement you will then be given the option if you would like to reduce your weekly repayments, or reduce the number of weeks of which you have to repay. You will then be given a statement outlining the details of your partial settlement.

    What happens if I want to pay my agreement off early?

    If you wish to pay your loan off early you can do so by speaking to your local agent or contacting our office to ask for your early settlement figure. You may be entitled to a rebate on the original interest charged.

    Can I cancel my agreement?

    Yes, you have the right to withdraw from your agreement for up to 14 days after the agreement was signed. You then will have 30 days to return the initial amount borrowed plus a daily rate of interest. To withdraw from your agreement you will need to speak to your agent or contact our office where they will supply you with a right to withdraw letter which will outline how much you owe plus the daily rate of interest for up to 30 days.